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Majhee Maitrin – My Friend

The Children’s Parliament of Holy Cross Cross is an active forum providing a platform for debate and discussion patterned on the Parliament where children discuss issues that are closest to their heart and they try and convince their parents and elders to take some action to bring about change through advocacy and people’s support

The Girl’s of std 9th have taken on a project of supporting women and girls from a red light area in Mumbai and have gone through elaborate discussion and detailed planning as to how to help girls living in vulnerable conditions. The parents are in support of the project and they have actively participated in this outreach in identifying a commercial light area in our locality of the Eastern Suburbs and also  connected with a NGO that works in the area. 



The project work commenced with a Children’s Parliament discussion and the project was taken up unanimously and we are now in the implementation phase of the project . The aims of the project are as follows : 

  1. Identify / locate one area of need for education of womens menstrual hygiene
  2. Supply samples of sanitary napkins to 500 women and children in the area identified
  3. Distribution of handmade Congratulatory Cards and letters  to girls who have reached menstrual age. 

We are approaching institutions and companies who like to be a part of this children’s initiative at various levels of engagement like giving the children a platform to develop skills at advocacy for children’s rights and also for them to plan and connect with children who are less fortunate.

We look forward to partnering with your esteemed institution and for this we wish to place our project for your perusal . 


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