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The plastic handled  toothbrushes that we use are very difficult to dispose and recycle. The impact on nature with billions of such toothbrushes can be disastrous for the environment . The only solution to the present danger of more and more of such toothbrushes entering the eco system is to replace plastic with bamboo made toothbrushes. Bamboo , is a natural product and is way better than plastic and other material. Then bamboo handles are degradable and can never cause environmental damage in any way. 

The Eco- Friendly Toothbrush campaign


Holy Cross High School has a group of students who are vocal about adopting nature friendly products

There is a need for such replacement while giving up on plastic made products. Toothbrushes are easy to replace and just about anyone can switch to a bamboo-made product easily . School students can become ambassadors of this new change in lifestyle . Bamboo provides much better durable and eco friendly options like combs, straws and a host of different products. India is native to one of best varieties of bamboo and we can become world leaders in the manufacture and sale of bamboo made products for domestic use.


Bamboo made toothbrushes can be an easy change to a lifestyle that supports a nature friendly way of living . The less harm we cause to nature by our careful choice of products , the more we are able to sustain our ecosystems which are facing an onslaught from pollution of all kinds. Plastic happens to be one of the most toxic materials and we want to make sure that we take definitive steps to discard plastic products that cause damage to the environment.


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